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RGIII: It's not my job to 'talk about how bad we are'

On a difficult evening for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, not even RGII could make it better.

Following Monday night's 27-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Griffin's father was seen in the locker room engaging in a "lengthy and, at times, tense conversation" with his son, per CSN Washington.

In an unusual -- but not forbidden -- sight for an NFL locker room, RGIII's father commiserated with the second-year passer and attended his postgame presser before trailing the quarterback back to his locker to continue the chat.

"Yes, it's frustrating. We're frustrated. Everyone's tired of losing -- us, fans, the media, everybody," RGIII told reporters after the game. "The one thing to take away -- one thing that we're not is quitters."

Griffin appeared agitated by a reporter asking him to clarify how the team -- and its quarterback -- are "making strides" during a season that has Washington sunk into last place in the NFC East.

"What am I supposed to do? Come up here and talk about how bad we are? I mean, that's not my job," Griffin said. "My job is to answer your questions and move on to the next day and get better. It's not anything personal. You're the only one asking those questions, but I love my guys. I'll go to war with them any day."

Nothing has gone as planned for Griffin or the three-win Redskins following an offseason drenched in hype. His knee looks improved, but RGIII's play has trailed off sharply, and Monday night's loss to the 49ers was a depressing watch, largely because of how lost Washington appears at every position.

Especially under center.

UPDATE: A Redskins spokesman, Speaking for Mike Shanahan, told the Washington Post that RGIII's father was in the locker room to check the quarterback because he thought his son might be injured. 

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