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Report: Colts see Trent Richardson as 3-down player

The Indianapolis Colts aren't about to give up on Trent Richardson after one season as a football punchline.

After all, he essentially is their first-round draft pick this year.

Considering the consistent Richardsonpropaganda emanating from Indianapolis immediately after the 2013 season, we fully expected the offseason reports to be sprinkled with sunshine and rainbows.

The Colts have not disappointed on that front.

Coaches have told's Jim Trotter that Richardson has a chance to be a three-down player this season with Ahmad Bradshaw and Vick Ballard returning from major surgeries.

Armed with a better handle on Pep Hamilton's playbook, Richardson is relying more on his instincts rather than over-thinking as he approaches the line of scrimmage.

Anything that limits Richardson's ponderous hesitation is an excellent sign. A more tangible omen of a bounceback season? If Richardson sheds weight to regain some semblance of a burst before training camp.

It's worth noting that Trotter presented one more nugget that will be music to the ears of Colts fans.

Andrew Luck is being asked to take greater control at the line of scrimmage, similar to veteran maestros such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. Luck will go to the line of scrimmage with as many as six play options rather than his customary two.

We couldn't be more thrilled that Hamilton is putting more responsibility on the shoulder of his best player after obstinately clinging to run-heavy game plans in his first season as the play-caller.

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