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Pro Bowl Ballots: Skill positions

*This year's Pro Bowl is a little different. So are the Pro Bowl ballots. Players will be chosen for the game regardless of conference, which is a relief. It means the best four tight ends should make the game, even if the best four players at a position happen to all play in one conference. *

With Pro Bowl fan voting wrapping up on December 26, the Around The League crew decided it would be a good time to fill out our ballots. You can look at our choices below and make your own picks right here.


Running back

Wide receiver


Gregg Rosenthal: Marcel Reece, Mike Tolbert

Chris Wesseling:Marcel Reece, Mike Tolbert

Tight end

Dan Hanzus:Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Julius Thomas

Marc Sessler:Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Julius Thomas

Chris Wesseling:Jordan Cameron, Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski

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