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Picking winners for Week 5 NFL games

This could be the week.

No, not when my three-week reign of terror at the bottom of the Around the League picks standings comes to a merciful end (though that would be awesome).

Instead, I'm referring to victories for the NFL's last two remaining winless teams, the Cleveland Football Browns and the New Orleans Saints. One team has been on 0-16 watch well before kickoff of Week 1; the other is a surprise winless entrant at the quarter pole of this 2012 NFL season.

Before you point and laugh at me for the mere suggestion that the Browns could muster a massive upset of the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants (at the unfriendly confines of MetLife Stadium, no less), consider this little-known football fun fact: The Browns have defeated the last four Super Bowl champions. Check it out:

(Yes, we know, that Browns win over the Packers came in the preseason. Just play along.)

The Saints are back in the Superdome for a Sunday night showdown with the San Diego Chargers, the former team of Drew Brees. Brees, coincidentally, could break a record once considered "unbreakable." The consecutive games with a touchdown pass record, in my humble opinion, is a much more impressive mark than the one Brees broke a year ago. The record set by Johnny Unitas has stood for more than 50 years, and was established when the rules regarding the forward pass were much less tolerant than in today's game. This could be a historic night for Brees, and you know he'll be highly motivated to cap the record with a victory.

While the Saints are a unanimous pick to win in Week 5, only Marc Sessler -- resident Browns aficionado -- could corral enough courage to pick Cleveland. What about the 12 other games? Please see the fancy chart below.

-- Rhino

* Based on nobility.
** Only person to pick a game right.

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