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Peyton Manning, Von Miller lead Denver Broncos to win

Peyton Manning makes dominance feel routine. Von Miller controls the game in a way we rarely see from defensive players.

Between the two of them, the Denver Broncos have a pair of legitimate MVP candidates. Collectively, the Broncos have an eight-game winning streak.

The Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders 26-13 on Thursday night in a game that almost felt like a letdown for Denver. Manning was intercepted on an underthrown pass into the end zone. The Broncos scored just two touchdowns in six trips to the red zone. They could have won by a lot more.

This is how quickly Manning has raised expectations for the Broncos: A 310-yard performance on the way to an easy road win feels like a so-so effort.

Miller, meanwhile, continues to impress on a weekly basis. He picked up his 16th sack and forced his sixth fumble deep in Raiders territory during the third quarter to put the game away for the Broncos. Miller's combination of speed around the edge and the strength to set the edge in the running game is unrivaled.

With a running game led by Knowshon Moreno that totaled 140 yards, the Broncos look like a complete team. Manning is thinking about playing in New Orleans in February. The hope Manning brought to the franchise in the offseason has been replaced by the understanding that the Broncos are ready to compete for a Super Bowl title.

Bigger games are ahead for the Broncos, starting next week against the Baltimore Ravens. But the Broncos shouldn't be surprised if their winning streak keeps growing.

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