Peyton Manning 'sometimes' thinks about Super Bowl


Peyton Manning isn't the type of player to look ahead.

In an NFL Network interview that will air before "Thursday Night Football," Manning repeatedly stresses how focused he is on the challenges the Oakland Raiders will provide the Denver Broncos this week.

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But Manning also is honest. So when Kurt Warner asks if Manning ever allows himself to consider playing in his hometown of New Orleans in Super Bowl XLVII, he won't deny it.

"Yeah, I guess you think about it, you know, sometimes," Manning said. "New Orleans has been a special place for my family and for my brother, Cooper, who lives there. And Eli. It's our hometown.

"And so I'm glad to see New Orleans has a Super Bowl again. It deserves it. And you really could have it there every single year. And so it's a big thing for the city. You know, certainly when you're in the middle of the season, hey, that's where you wanna be."

As a former New Orleans resident, I couldn't agree more with Manning. The NFL should rotate the Super Bowl between Miami, San Diego and New Orleans, and leave it at that.

It would be cool to see one of the city's favorite sons make it to the big game, but Eli Manning says it "definitely" hasn't been a topic of conversation in the family.

"That's not on the radar right now," he told New Orleans reporters Thursday.

Still, the Mannings play at such a level that anything short of a Super Bowl appearance would be a disappointment. They know they will have to reach New Orleans to reach their goal.

Peyton was asked by Warner what would define a successful season.

"I tell you, one thing I've learned pretty quickly playing in Denver is that it is a organization that's about championships," Manning said. "That's the culture."

Manning has helped make the Broncos one of the Super Bowl favorites faster than anyone expected. We already almost take it granted, but you can tell from Manning's words that he's savoring every step of his journey this season.

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