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Patriots' Rob Gronkowski answers stupid questions

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is many things. A fan of big spoons is one of them. A fan of rapper Pitbull is another.

"Me not working hard? Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak," Gronkowski told the Live crew on Thursday in response to one of the options on the "Wheel of Stupid Questions."

Gronkowski was making the rounds here at the Media Center in New Orleans. He also spoke with Rich Eisen on NFL Network about his broken forearm, which was in a cast on Thursday. Gronkowski doesn't believe he returned too early from injury.

"No, I was cleared by the doctors," he said. "As a player, I wanted to be out on the field. It was just a freak accident, freak injury."

Gronkowski was also asked for his Super Bowl pick. He's rolling with the Baltimore Ravens. For more pearls of Gronk wisdom, check out the videos above.

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