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Nnamdi Asomugha offered teammate $24K for No. 24

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What would you do for $24,000?

Actually, don't answer that. Anything you write in this comment section can be held against you in the court of law.

We bring this up because San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha recently offered teammate Anthony Dixon that sum in exchange for Dixon's jersey No. 24.

That's crazy. Even crazier? Dixon refused the offer.

"We tried to go $24K for 24, but I told him, 'No, I'm going to keep my 24,' " Dixon said Tuesday, according to CSN Bay Area.

Asomugha and Dixon both wore No. 24 this summer (repeating numbers are commonplace with 90 players in training camp). When the roster shrunk to 53, Asomugha formally approached Dixon.

No dice. Asomugha will begin the season wearing No. 28.

"I worked hard to get that number when I first got here," said Dixon, who will earn $630,000 this season. "I worked hard to get it off somebody else. I've been No. 24 since high school and college."

This is the type of stuff that seems impossible to fathom from the outside, but many professional athletes view their number as an aspect of their identity. It's easier to understand when you look at it that way.

Still, $24K can score you a pretty sick Honda Civic.

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