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NFLPA reportedly investigating Drew Rosenhaus

The stories keep getting worse for agent Drew Rosenhaus. Rand Getlin and Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports report that the NFL Players Association is investigating Rosenhaus' relationship with Jeff Rubin, a former financial adviser.

Rubin persuaded a great deal of players, many of Rosenhaus' clients, to invest in an Alabama bingo casino that went bankrupt. Ruben was arrested for the matter and is out on bail.

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This 4,000 word-plus bomb was dropped on Rosenhaus in the aftermath of a report that Rosenhaus offered cash to Dez Bryant's advisor in an attempt to retain Bryant's services. A former Rosenhaus employee seeking money also has alleged in separate court filings that Rosenhaus' financial situation has been precarious.

This investigation concerns if Rosenhaus' business relationship with Rubin was improperly close. Players lost up to $43.6 million in Rubin's casino downfall. Multiple sources, including Terrell Owens, told Yahoo! Sports that Rosenhaus actively recruited players with Rubin. That goes against NFLPA policy.

"Let me say this on the record, I had no reason to believe that Jeff Rubin was doing anything illegal or irresponsible or unethical," Drew Rosenhaus said. "We never had any inkling that he was ever dishonest. We never had a player come to us until this casino fell apart."

Owens says he was steered to Rubin.

"We recommend you use Jeff," Owens remembers Rosenhaus saying. "He handles our clients, we trust him."

T.O. believes Rosenhaus was a part of the problem.

"With what I know now, Drew definitely needs to share in the responsibility. ... Other players may not want to speak up out of loyalty to Drew but at the end of the day he bears some of the responsibility (for our losses) based on the referrals he was giving to [Rubin] and Pro Sports Financial.

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"For someone to work as hard for their money as we do, to have it taken away by people we trust, who we find out later had other motives, it's a sick feeling."

Rosenhaus was "adamant" that he doesn't endorse financial advisers to players. A number of Yahoo's sources -- they had 39 in all -- said the opposite. Rubin and Rosenhaus shared at least 26 clients. Eighteen invested in the failed casino that was raided by authorities.

An unnamed college player also alleged that Rosenhaus used Rubin in presentations.

"It's all about getting ahead and staying ahead for Drew... (he) definitely had to know what was going on," the player said. "Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. It was, 'Do what you've got to do to get the kid signed,' and Drew will do whatever it takes to sign players."

It's an exhaustive, compelling piece of reporting that is worth checking out. There are a lot of issues involved that could present long-term problems with Rosenhaus, but it's an open-ended question as to if those issues will stick. (Much to the chagrin of some agents who want to see Rosenhaus fall.)

Rosenhaus maintains his innocence.

"I guess the point I would make to you is ... there are people who have to pay for this, and there are people who should be punished for it," Rosenhaus said. "There are people who should be accountable, but Jason (Rosenhaus) and I are innocent victims, just like our clients."

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