Drew Rosenhaus reportedly offered cash to advisor


We told you last week that superagent Drew Rosenhaus was facing a challenge from within his organization. We also told you that many folks around the NFL expected that his problems were just beginning.

Another major issue arrived Monday in the form of a report by Jason Cole and Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports.

David Wells, Dez Bryant's longtime advisor, told Yahoo! Sports that Rosenhaus offered Wells a cash payment and a trip to Miami in an effort to sign Bryant in 2009 and '10. There are two especially damning text messages Wells kept that appear to violate NFL Players Association rules.

"Also will have 10K for you to give to your community center," Rosenhaus allegedly texted in one message.

"Dnt (sic) mean to put pressure but we want this bad ! Were ready to put u on a private jet and get this done.. Miami's callllinnnnnggggg!!!"read another.

The ploy did not work at the time. Bryant signed with agent Eugene Parker, but wound up dumping Parker for Rosenhaus in December 2011. Wells alleges that Rosenhaus started advancing Bryant large sums of money after taking him on as a client. Bryant then fired Rosenhaus on August 3, at which point Rosenhaus contacted Wells looking for money.

"Drew called me and said, 'We don't want this to get out in the media and we don't want this to get ugly, but Dez owes us some money,' " Wells said. "I said, 'OK, but why are you calling me now? Because you got fired? You didn't call me before you gave (the money) to him?' ... If you knew this kid was on financial restraints, why would you feed the fire?"

Rosenhaus Sports allegedly has financial problems, according to an arbitration filing from suspended vice president Danny Martoe. These two news items from Yahoo! Sports in successive order shines a harsh light into some ugly aspects of Rosenhaus' business. (And the agent industry as a whole.)

As we said last week, it is fair to wonder about the motivation of those attempting to take Rosenhaus down. There are a lot of agents inside football that would love it if the Rosenhaus empire crumbled. It is also fair to wonder how Rosenhaus will respond to this latest allegation, and whether the NFLPA will step in.

Rosenhaus responded with a "no comment" on eleven different occasions in a conversation with Yahoo! Sports regarding his relationship with Bryant.

It certainly doesn't look good. Rosenhaus' integrity is under attack from multiple fronts.

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