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Miami Dolphins accept presence of 'Hard Knocks'

Ryan Tannehill has enough on his plate in his first training camp. The presence of the premium cable version of Big Brother only adds to an overwhelming experience.

"I get in the locker room, I turn around and there's like eight guys with cams," the Dolphins' first-round draft pick said Monday, via The Associated Press. "Whoa! It's definitely different, but got to make the best of it."

Welcome to the NFL, kid. HBO's "Hard Knocks" production machine fully is operational, with cameras -- both human-operated and robotic -- capturing every nook of the team's facilities.

Tannehill surely will get his fair share of face time, with a trip to the home he shares with wife Lauren not likely, but inevitable.

Joe Philbin is in his first season as a NFL head coach. We don't imagine it was his preference to have his every move documented, but he's rolling with it.

"Aside from this thing stuck on my chest here," Philbin said, pointing to a small microphone, "the cameras I wasn't even aware of. We told our coaches in the meetings and we told the players that we have to be ourselves. We have a job to do, as does NFL Films. It wasn't a big deal."

We couldn't be more excited for the return of "Hard Knocks," which premiers on Aug. 7 with the first of five one-hour episodes. Quite simply, it's the greatest inside-look into NFL life in the history of the medium.

And no, I was not compensated financially for that plug.

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