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Matt Barkley put on the spot by Steve Mariucci

Steve Mariucci stood in front of a dry-erase board and diagrammed one of his favorite red-zone play calls: 2 Jet Dino Y-Shallow Cross. USC quarterback Matt Barkley looked on with a smile.

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Mariucci dissected the play with Barkley, then erased the board. After speaking briefly about Barkley's charity work, Mooch asked the quarterback to go to the board, flip the same play and draw it up.

Barkley struggled to recreate it, stumbling over terminology and the route of his X receiver. It was an interesting watch, especially considering Barkley is selling himself as a first-rounder whose merits go beyond the physical.

Later, Barkley was asked if he was the best QB in this draft.

"I think I bring a lot to the table that you can't really put in numbers," he told Mariucci in the interview that aired Monday on NFL Network. "You can't see on the stat sheet, and I think that's what a lot of people have been looking at since the end of the season are numbers.

"I have a real pride in football knowledge. All the film work and extra work that you don't see, it's there and it's proven, and I believe I'm the best quarterback."

Barkley's inability to run back a flip of 2 Jet Dino Y-Shallow Cross hardly dooms him as an NFL prospect. But again, it was an interesting watch.

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