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Marshawn Lynch signing looks shakier after arrest

Marshawn Lynch was a risky signing by the Seattle Seahawks even when you discounted his previous off-the-field issues.

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The sixth-year pro's NFL career has been checkered on the field. He's had long stretches of mediocrity surrounded by flashes of brilliance. He has turned his career around in Seattle, but he simply doesn't belong in the same class as other recent big-money running backs like Ray Rice, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy and Arian Foster.

The Seahawks showed a lot of faith in Lynch when they rewarded him with a big contract extension in March -- four years for $31 million, with $18 million guaranteed -- perhaps before he earned it on the field. Lynch's Saturday arrest on suspicion of DUI has to be a major disappointment for the team.

The former Buffalo Bill was suspended three games by the NFL for violating the league's personal-conduct policy in 2009 after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge. He also had an incident in 2008 where he drove off after striking a pedestrian. His driver's license was revoked.

The NFL doesn't typically suspend players for a first DUI offense, but Lynch's prior history puts him at greater risk for a suspension. The details surrounding Lynch's arrest are crucial and have yet to come out.

No matter what comes out, the Seahawks' big contract for Lynch looks even more questionable than it did back in March.

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