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Mark Sanchez blankets Jets West in heavy security

This time around, Jets West has an Eastern Bloc feel.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez has tightened security around his annual California practice session with fellow New York Jets skill players.

Grainy footage of Tim Tebow prancing around will require a fair amount of work this week after Sanchez hired five uniformed Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies and additional plainclothes officers to man the stadium at Mission Viejo High School.

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The New York Post reported one of the officers walked the grounds wielding a shotgun. Authorities wrapped the stadium in yellow police tape while the Jets -- mere mortals -- practiced in shorts.

According to The Post, the cops outnumbered would-be Nancy Drew-types on Wednesday. At one stage, a quiet band of civilians -- mainly students mired in summer school -- wandered by. Hardly an uprising.

The short invite list didn't include reporters or photographers, but one fan wearing a green Tebow jersey made the cut. A handful of autograph seekers sought Tebow's signature after the session, too, but have no fear -- the heat buzzed in and put an end to it.

"Mark just wanted to keep the distractions out," said tight end Dustin Keller, the only player to speak with Post reporter Bart Hubbuch. "After what happened last year (an 8-8 finish, no playoffs), he wants all of us totally focused on football and the job at hand. (No media allowed) is not what we're used to back in New York, but it makes sense here."

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 New York Jets.

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