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Mark Herzlich, Giants LB: 'I root for the Jets to do well'

Unlike 31 other teams, the New York Giants aren't sitting at home, wringing their hands and pondering what could have been.

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That helps explain Mark Herzlich's saccharine response when the Giants linebacker was asked which team he despises more, the New England Patriots or the New York Jets.

"Well, I don't hate either right now, because we just won the Super Bowl," Herzlich told WEEI-AM, via "I am all smiles, but I think, in the city, people are either Jets fans or Giants fans.

"If one is in the Super Bowl, I think everyone kind of roots for New York. It's kind of everyone has pride in the city but definitely are loyal to their one certain team. As a Giant, I root for the Jets to do well when they are playing. When we are playing them, I don't want them to do very well, but it's the kind of thing we take pride in New York, regardless."

Certainly Jets fans appreciate their MetLife Stadium rivals dropping Bill Belichick into a winter of torment, but how many green shirts did you spot tossing confetti on Eli Manning and his special friends as they frolicked down the Canyon of Heroes for the second time in five years?

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