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Kenny Britt gripes on Instagram about Titans' fine

When it comes to Kenny Britt, it's safe to assume what you're about to read will leave you scratching your head.

On the same day the Tennessee Titans wide receiver discussed his return engagement at the NFL's version of the principal's office, he used social media to vent about an apparently unexpected team fine.

On his Instagram account, Britt posted a photo of a letter informing him of a $9,915 team fine for "Unexcused missed mandatory scheduled appointment w/ club trainer." According to The Tennessean, Britt wrote an accompanying message: "Yu gotta be (expletive) kidding me.. walk back to dis.. Don't dey know I have kids .. I'm tired of did (expletive)."

Britt has had three surgeries on his knees in the past year, including arthoscopic procedures on both knees during the offseason. He hasn't been cleared for practice, but his rehab is progressing.

Britt's actions raise some questions. Why did he miss an appointment with the team trainer? Did the no-show go back to his trip to New York to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? What was Britt's goal in sharing the fine with the general public?

And, of course, the big one: How much longer will the Titans put up with Britt's dunderheaded behavior?

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