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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli admits to mistakes

His reputation as a football mind has taken a hit in recent years, but Scott Pioli still knows when the general manager needs to go into damage-control mode.

His Kansas City Chiefs are 1-5, and Pioli knows many people believe the team's struggles point back to him. The baton of fail was passed back and forth between Pioli and coach Todd Haley last season, but Haley's now ancient history.

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It's Pioli now in the crosshairs, and on Wednesday, he acknowledged in an interview with The Associated Press that he has made mistakes during his four-year run with the franchise. He declined to discuss specifically what those mistakes were, but he said it covered all areas of his job with the team: player personnel, fan relationships and a failure to fully understand the role of the GM.

Pioli said changes are coming, though "getting into the specifics publicly is not in anybody's best interest right now."

It's not hard for the mind to wander to Romeo Crennel, the coach who took up residence in our Warming Seat series this week. The good feelings garnered by last season's strong finish have worn off, but Pioli said he remains confident in the coach.

"Everyone has to do their job better in this thing, starting with me," said Pioli, who told The Kansas City Star he wouldn't discuss conflicting reports about a contract extension offer. "I'm in charge of the football operation, and there are things we need to get fixed."

If the Chiefs make changes after this season, it's hard to see Pioli surviving. Too much has happened at this point, and Pioli's style of management might have poisoned the well. A strong finish could earn him a reprieve, though this Chiefs team has given little indication a turnaround is in the offing.

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