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Justin Tuck: Young New York Giants don't have an edge

The week of finger pointing continues.

This time it's defensive end Justin Tuck and the New York Giants veterans. Apparently, the youngsters are to blame for the G-Men's 24-17 loss to the Cowboys.

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It is just Week 2, right?

"I think they just don't understand the sense of urgency and professionalism that's needed in this locker room," Tuck told USA Today on Thursday. "And I'm not saying that's a bad thing. They're young and they don't get it yet. They all have the best intentions at heart.

"But it's going to take little incentives from some of our veteran guys to help them along."

Tuck and other veterans say the young guys don't have an edge. Apparently, that's why Prince Amukamara was dunked in the ice tub. The vets also have issues with practice habits.

"Maybe some guys need to get in some guys' faces," Tuck said. "I think sometimes there's a little too much lovey-dovey. You've got to challenge these guys. If we allow them to play or practice at their pace, they're going to continue to do that. But as leaders, we have to set a good example and then remind them what's at stake.

"This ain't a scholarship, this ain't school pride. You're talking about guys' livelihoods. This is how guys feed their families."

Jason Pierre-Paul, Chris Canty and Kenny Phillips all had strong words about the topic -- which seems a little odd so early in the year. We hadn't heard this was an enormous issue during training camp. And the Giants, of all teams, know better than to panic after one game.

Just seems interesting for the veterans to be so adamant at this particular time, when they didn't exactly set the world on fire either in the regular-season opener. Does Tom Coughlin have a clandestine leadership council of is own? Hmmm.

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