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Giants' David Wilson clears air after 'irrelevant' tweet

Few people on the planet are looking forward to Sunday more than David Wilson.

The New York Giants running back, under fire since losing two fumbles in the team's season-opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys, deemed it necessary to clarify his thoughts after sending out a fiery tweet Tuesday. In the tweet, Wilson said fans and fantasy players who criticized him were "irrelevant."

"I saw people might have been getting the wrong impression of me so I tried to clear it up," Wilson said Wednesday, via The Star Ledger. "Like I said, all we got is the guys in the locker room and all our supporters. So, when we go out on the field, we want to make our supporters happy."

Wilson added it was a "bad choice of words, 140 characters you can make a lot of mistakes."

The second-year pro offered a less aggressive follow-up after his initial tweet.

One big game against the Denver Broncos, and this all goes away. Destiny remains in Wilson's hands.

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