N.Y. Giants' David Wilson rips his critics in fiery tweet


Speaking on the topic of David Wilson's nightmarish season debut, Giants safety Antrel Rolle told a New York radio station Tuesday that the running back has two options: "He can either get in the tank, or he can man up."

Judging by his Twitter feed, Wilson has settled on the latter.

Seriously now, could there be a more obnoxious scenario than going through troubles at your place of work, then having to deal with idiots on Twitter ripping you for costing them in their matchup against Tina in accounting? Total nightmare.

Wilson is in a better spot than people realize. No one should be scared about the arrival of Brandon Jacobs. Wilson will have a shot to redeem himself in Week 2 because coach Tom Coughlin needs the running back to provide balance to the offense.

All that said, Wilson might as well move his belongings into "the tank" if he puts it on the carpet Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

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