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Falcons, Eagles, Lions among NFL's most frustrating teams in 2015

So many teams have the right coaches and players in place to be great, but only a few have put it all together to fit the bill this season. There are teams that have suffered injuries and others that, for one reason or another, just haven't reached their potential.

Through Week 9, which is the most frustrating team in the NFL?

Atlanta is frustrating because, for whatever reason, it seems this is the point where Atlanta slides. Hopefully, the Falcons aren't thinking, "Oh boy -- here we go again ..." Once that sets in, it's a wrap for any team.

Atlanta has lost three of its past four games. We see the offensive power the Falcons possess with Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan, but the quarterback has struggled the last few weeks. Now is the time when teams are really dissecting strengths and weaknesses, and Dan Quinn's bunch has to figure out a way to win again. On paper, the Buffalo Bills have one of the most talented teams on both sides of the ball, with playmakers everywhere. But they play a reckless, undisciplined style that leads to penalties and mistakes that cost them games.

I'm a huge Rex Ryan fan, but sometimes his loosey-goosey ways are reflected by the way his team plays on the field. Until the Bills clean up those little things, they'll never be able to be a legitimate contender in the AFC. A few things come to mind when I think of the Eagles ...

If a few things changed, they'd be a great team. If they slowed the tempo and ran more of a power/aggressive ground game with Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray, their quarterback play and offense could be ridiculous. I really think the defense would benefit from this, too, because right now, they're on the field too long.

The Eagles are one of the more talented teams, and yet they aren't playing like they're capable of playing. Detroit Lions, without a doubt. I played for them, so I'm a little biased, but just look at the amount of talent they have. Just last year, Calvin Johnson was voted the best receiver in the league by his peers. Now you're telling me that these same peers, who respect him as the best, are able to shut him down? It goes much deeper than that. Last year, Golden Tate put up 1,300 yards. Yet, neither of these guys have enjoyed any consistency in production. I just don't understand how that type of talent can't produce big-time yardage in games.

Then you have a whole cast of other capable guys. Detroit has the players and just can't put it together. The Chargers, because I played for them and hate to see them lose. It's not just that, though -- I've never seen a team suffer the amount of injuries that San Diego's had to endure. So many guys in and out of the lineup. I don't think the Bolts are complaining about it, nor have I heard anyone from the organization talking about all the injuries. They understand it's a part of football.

The Chargers have the players to come out of it, so hopefully they can pull it together.

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