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Earl Thomas criticizes NFL on Twitter for $15K fine

"NFL to funny..try and take money out your pockets anyway possible ...#15kfine..," Thomas wrote.

Thomas was rushing the quarterback as Tannehill rolled right. Thomas jumped in the air to swat the ball as Tannehill threw across his body into the end zone. Bobby Wagner picked off the pass, but Thomas' momentum carried him into Tannehill. The hit didn't appear to be late, but contact was made around the head and the top of the shoulder pads. Thomas was flagged and Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas rushed for a touchdown with a fresh set of downs.

This was the type of penalty and fine that defenders hate. Thomas obviously tried to pull up but had left his feet and couldn't avoid some contact. I'm not sure what Thomas could do. He couldn't have left his feet in an attempt to bat down the ball. That's football.

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