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Eagles RB Jay Ajayi had insurance policy to protect from injury

Eagles running back Jay Ajayi was slated to have surgery today on a torn ACL, one that ended his season after just four games and 184 rushing yards. That also complicates things going forward for his free agency.

Ajayi's contract is up after 2018, and a long-term deal in Philly was no guarantee. For a player whose right knee had already given him issues during his career, a ligament tear in his other knee is less than ideal.

However, according to his business manager Josh Sanchez, Ajayi bought a loss-of-value insurance policy this past year (and the year before) to protect him against exactly what ended up happening.

Ajayi was valued as a significant free agent based on the policy. If the injury takes his market down to a point where he would be a lower-level free agent, he can receive a maximum payout $5 million net -- after taxes.

In other words, if Ajayi's free-agent value goes down, the policy will help make up the difference. Let's say he's valued as being able to earn a four-year, $16-million contract before the injury. But now, he ends up earning just $8 million over four years.

The policy should end up paying him to make up the difference with $5 million tax-free. Similar policies generally can cost as much as $80,000-$100,000. It's not what any player wants. But at the least, Ajayi has prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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