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Draft prospect Trevon Diggs says brother Stefon is father figure

INDIANAPOLIS -- Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs is the older brother of 2020 NFL draft cornerback prospect Trevon Diggs by five years, but the two have had more of a father-son relationship since the passing of their father, Aron, in 2008.

"He's like my dad, honestly. He was there for me when my father passed, so he's always taken care of me," said Trevon, who played at Alabama and was named a first-team All-American by Pro Football Focus. "I've always asked him about everything, no matter what. At 2 o'clock in the morning, I'm asking him questions. I called him last night ... every day. I'm asking him about his experiences, his process, how he manages. There are a lot of things I ask him."

Trevon is ranked as the No. 2 CB in the draft by analyst Bucky Brooks, a former NFL DB and scout himself. However, he said his brother focuses on areas he can improve when the two discuss football, rather than lavishing praise on him. It's a tact the younger brother has learned to appreciate.

"He always critiques me -- we never talk about the good things. We always talk about the bad things and the things we can do to get better," Trevon said. "He's always giving me tips and little cues to work on my game. I'm blessed to have that. I don't have someone patting me on the back all the time and telling me I'm doing good. I've got someone telling me to get to work."

Stefon Diggs was 14 when Aron Diggs died of heart failure, and embraced a directive from his father to help take care of the family.

The Minnesota Vikings helped him do just that with five-year contract extension, which included $40 million in guarantees, in 2018. He responded with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons, and despite rumors to the contrary, Vikings GM Rick Spielman said this week that there's no reason to think Stefon will be playing ball anywhere else in 2020. Could Stefon and Trevon be reunited in Minnesota? The team has a need at corner, and analyst Chad Reuter projected Trevon to the Vikings in his most recent mock draft.

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