Chad Reuter seven-round 2020 NFL mock draft: Round 2

Tua Tagovailoa should be the second player selected in the 2020 NFL Draft.

This opinion has nothing to do with the value of talented pass rusher Chase Young, Washington's likely pick at No. 2 overall. It also has nothing to do with the team's 2019 first-round selection, Dwayne Haskins.

The former Alabama standout is exactly the sort of quarterback every team should want leading their franchise. He's an accurate passer to all levels. He's mobile within the pocket and outside of it, causing headaches for defenses. He's a fierce competitor. He's a true leader on and off the field who will entice free agents to come play in D.C.

His injury history will scare off some teams, possibly including Washington. Owner Daniel Snyder saw his last quarterback picked at No. 2, Robert Griffin III, lose time to injury. Head coach Ron Rivera just suffered through two seasons with his top gun in Carolina, Cam Newton, out or less effective than normal due to injury. I cannot blame them for being risk-averse in this situation.

However, Tua is exactly the sort of player on whom I'd take a chance. In this seven-round mock draft, the Chargers snap him up with the sixth overall pick. Whichever franchise selects Tua next week will reap the benefits for the next decade or more.

This mock draft will not benefit from 11th-hour information leading up to Thursday's draft, so it will likely not be as accurate as others published closer to the event. But it does offer some scenarios as food for thought, and gives a general road map on where middle- and late-round players might fall.

Round 2

School: Notre Dame | Year: Junior

School: TCU | Year: Senior (RS)

School: LSU | Year: Junior

School: Baylor | Year: Senior

School: Boise State | Year: Junior (RS)


School: Baylor | Year: Junior


School: Utah | Year: Senior


School: Texas A&M | Year: Junior (RS)


School: Arizona State | Year: Senior

School: Wisconsin | Year: Senior (RS)

School: Michigan | Year: Junior

School: FAU | Year: Senior

School: Georgia | Year: Junior

School: Iowa | Year: Junior

School: Oklahoma | Year: Senior (RS)


School: Ohio State | Year: Senior (RS)

School: Florida State | Year: Junior

School: Southern Illinois | Year: Senior

School: Alabama | Year: Senior

School: Texas Tech | Year: Senior

School: Clemson | Year: Senior

School: LSU | Year: Junior

School: TCU | Year: Junior

School: Michigan | Year: Senior


School: Temple | Year: Junior (RS)

School: Tulsa | Year: Senior (RS)

School: Penn State | Year: Sophomore (RS)

School: St. John's (Minn.) | Year: Senior

School: Purdue | Year: Senior (RS)

School: Colorado | Year: Junior

School: Ohio State | Year: Senior

School: Boise State | Year: Junior (RS)

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