Can't-Miss Plays: Toeing the line

It's just a simple white line, but it has the ability to distinguish between a great play and one that doesn't count. In the end, those that do, often toe the line of greatness. Here are ten Can't-Miss Sideline Plays of 2007.

Peyton Manning has found Marvin Harrison for a few scores over the years, but this one in Week 1 came with some fancy footwork.

Ravens tight end Todd Heap makes a one-handed catch and tip-toes the lines for a Week 2 touchdown vs. the Jets.

   Randy Moss and 
  Tom Brady hooked up for 23 touchdowns in 2007, but this leaping catch against the 
  Bengals in Week 4 was especially electrifying. 
  Bengals defense is again on the wrong side of a "Can't-Miss Play," this one courtesy of 
  Bills WR Lee Evans and QB J.P. Losman in Week 9. 
  Josh Cribbs shows why he is one of the best return specialists in the NFL with this 100-yard TD return vs. Pittsburgh in Week 10. 
  Browns WR Braylon Edwards did get both of his toes in bounds for an amazing diving touchdown catch vs. the 
  Steelers in Week 10. 
   Possession of the ball? Check. Two feet down inbounds? Check. Great sideline catch for a TD by Arizona's 
  Larry Fitzgerald? Check. 
   Just when the Bucs figured to have crawled back into the game in Week 14, Andre Davis returns the opening kickoff of the second half for a score. 

Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce taps his toes inbounds and scores his 84th career touchdown against the Steelers in Week 14.

  Plaxico Burress snags a 19-yard touchdown reception to keep the 
  Giants in this Week 17 matchup with the New England 
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