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Can't-Miss Plays: Best runs of 2008

There's nothing like a good run to break the will of an opposing defense. Here are 10 of the best rushing plays from the regular season.

   In Week 1, 264-pound Brandon Jacobs lowers his shoulder and makes Laron Landry pay for trying to tackle him above the waist. 
   In Week 3, Michael Turner drags a linebacker five yards, then shrugs off a defender as part of a 38-yard run against the 

Ronnie Brown takes a direct snap and uses some good blocking from his offensive line for a 62-yard touchdown run against the Patriots in Week 3.

   In Week 3, 
  Bills RB 
  Marshawn Lynch gets some blocks, then extends the football over the pylon as he's pushed out of bounds. 

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson makes a couple of sharp cuts and the coast is clear for his 54-yard touchdown run against the Bears in Week 7.

   In Week 8, 
  Titans RB LenDale White absorbs a hit before extending just enough to get the tip of the ball over the goal line for a 1-yard touchdown. 

DeAngelo Williams gets spun around, but manages to stay on his feet for an impressive 69-yard touchdown run against the Raiders in Week 10.

Ronnie Brown spins out of a tackle, then dives into the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown against the Rams in Week 13.

   In Week 15, 
  DeAngelo Williams hits a wall of linemen on the left side, then cuts back for a 56-yard touchdown run to the right. 
   Le'Ron McClain delivers a vicious stiff-arm to Ken Hamlin and the knockout blow to the 
  Cowboys in the form of an 82-yard touchdown run in Week 16. 
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