Can't-Miss Plays: Getting horizontal

Sometimes recievers have to work a little harder to make those catches. Other times, it just looks better when you leave your feet to snare a pass. Either way, it adds up to 10 of the best diving plays of the 2007 season.

   In Week 2, 
  Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards lays out to snare a pass from 
  Derek Anderson, then rolls into the end zone for a touchdown. 

Colts running back Joseph Addai elevates over the Houston defense at the goal line for a Week 3 touchdown.

   Oakland linebacker Kirk Morrison fully extends for this interception against the 
  Cleveland Browns. 
   In Week 6, 
  Vikings wide receiver 
  Sidney Rice makes a spectacular sideline snag for a first down against the 

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made not one but two leaping touchdown catches, including one on a final-second Hail Mary pass.

  Saints dug deep into the playbook for this exciting flea-flicker effort that went for 40 yards to a diving Marques Colston in Week 13. 
   Touched or not, you can't argue against the fact that this was a tremendous diving catch by Braylon Edwards in Week 13. 
   In Week 15, 
  Broncos tight end 
  Tony Scheffler launches himself over the goal line to score a touchdown against the 
  Texans in the third quarter. 

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne makes a crucial third-down reception late in a surprisingly tight game against the Raiders in Week 15.

Bills WR Roscoe Parrish makes a spectacular diving catch, setting up Buffalo's first score against the Giants in Week 16.

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