Can't-miss plays from the Pro Bowl

   Not only did 
  Tony Gonzalez score the first touchdown of this year's 
  Pro Bowl, but he also set a record with this 19-yard scoring catch. 

Larry Fitzgerald added another spectacular play to his highlight-reel postseason with this 46-yard scoring catch at the end of the first half.

   Not to be outdone by Fitzgerald's acrobatics is 
  Darrelle Revis, who goes over 
  Anquan Boldin for this interception in the end zone. 
   The Wildcat is so 2008. What will be the offensive trend of 2009? How about the fumble-rooskie, which the AFC runs to perfection for a score? 
   Fitzgerald adds to his historic collection of amazing catches this postseason with a 2-yard TD play that earns the WR Pro Bowl MVP honors. 

Julius Peppers helps seal the NFC's come-from-behind victory over the AFC in the Pro Bowl with this interception of a Jay Cutler pass.

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