Can't-Miss Plays: Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

Some players are just hard to bring down. Others are determined to hold on to the ball no matter how hard the hit. Those are the types of players you'll see in these 10 highlights from the 2007 regular season.

   In Week 2, 
  [Frank Gore](/player/frankgore/2506404/profile) sheds tacklers, then makes a wicked cutback to complete a 43-yard touchdown run vs. the 
   In Week 4, 
  [Raiders](/teams/oaklandraiders/profile?team=OAK) defender B.J. Ward learned a tough lesson the hard way: Stay out of 
  [Ronnie Brown](/player/ronniebrown/2506341/profile)'s way. 

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten shows rugged toughness by rambling 53 yards after losing his helmet against the Eagles in Week 9.

Bills RB Marshawn Lynch sheds three tacklers on a game-clinching 56-yard touchdown run against the Bengals in Week 9.

   It appears 
  [Lions](/teams/detroitlions/profile?team=DET) WR 
  [Calvin Johnson](/player/calvinjohnson/2495647/profile) likes 
  [Thanksgiving]( sandwiches, receiving one from three 
  [Packers](/teams/greenbaypackers/profile?team=GB) defenders while catching a 6-yard TD. 
   In the box score, it simply goes as an 8-yard touchdown run for Minnesota's Chester Taylor, but there's video evidence that it was much more than that. 

Jared Allen shows he can do more than sack quarterbacks. Turns out the Kansas City defensive end also has superb hands.

   With the game on the line vs. the 
  [Browns](/teams/clevelandbrowns/profile?team=CLE) RB Jamal Lewis plowed through the 
  [Jets](/teams/newyorkjets/profile?team=NYJ) defense for a bruising 31-yard touchdown run. 
   A host of 
  [Titans](/teams/tennesseetitans/profile?team=TEN) defenders can't keep Kansas City's Kris Wilson from reaching the end zone in Week 14. 
   In Week 17, 
  [Giants](/teams/newyorkgiants/profile?team=NYG) running back Brandon Jacobs took a dump-off pass from 
  [Eli Manning](/player/elimanning/2505996/profile) and broke a tackle for a 7-yard score. 
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