Can't-Miss Plays of Week 7

   Lee Evans makes an amazing one-handed catch for a touchdown that was reminiscent of 
  [ Reggie Wayne's game-winning catch]( in Week 5. 

Bears rookie Matt Forte follows the bouncing ball right into his belly, where he snags it for a Bears touchdown in a wild one in Chicago.

   A botched punt return by the 
  [Vikings](/teams/minnesotavikings/profile?team=MIN) turns into the first career TD for 
  [Bears](/teams/chicagobears/profile?team=CHI) rookie 
  [Zack Bowman](/player/zackbowman/2507484/profile), who later in the game made 
  [a crucial interception]( 
   After tallying 302 yards and five TDs against the 
  [Bears](/teams/chicagobears/profile?team=CHI) in 2007, 
  [Adrian Peterson](/player/adrianpeterson/2507164/profile) burns the 
  [Bears](/teams/chicagobears/profile?team=CHI) again for a long score on a 121-yard, 2-TD day. 

Steven Jackson had his way with the Cowboys defense on Sunday, and no play was more evident of that than this 56-yard scoring run.

   From running the 
  [the fastest 40]( at the combine 
  [ (Highlight)]( to outrunning the 
  [Chris Johnson]( is showing why the 
  [Titans](/teams/tennesseetitans/profile?team=TEN) made him a top pick. 
   LenDale White rumbles for an 80-yard score. In all, the 
  [Titans](/teams/tennesseetitans/profile?team=TEN)' one-two, Johnson-White punch accounted for 317 yards rushing and four TDs. 
   With the score tied at 3-3, 
  [Terrell Suggs](/player/terrellsuggs/2505660/profile) turns the game in the 
  [Ravens](/teams/baltimoreravens/profile?team=BAL)' favor with this interception return for a touchdown. 
   A potential field goal for the 
  [Giants](/teams/newyorkgiants/profile?team=NYG) turns into a touchdown for the 
  [49ers](/teams/sanfrancisco49ers/profile?team=SF) as Nate Clements scoops up the blocked kick and returns it for a score. 

Lions QB Dan Orlovsky hits Calvin Johnson for a 96-yard fourth-quarter score as Detroit attempts a second-half rally against the Texans.

Packers safety Nick Collins picks off Peyton Manning, and then makes a nifty little move on the return to go 62 yards for a score.

   Not to be outdone by his fellow safety, the 
  [Packers](/teams/greenbaypackers/profile?team=GB)' Aaron Rouse goes end zone to end zone on this interception of Manning. 
   With 2:30 left in overtime, Sebastian Janikowski kicks a 
  [Raiders](/teams/oaklandraiders/profile?team=OAK)-record 57-yard field goal as Oakland earns a 16-13 win over the 

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