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Can't-Miss Plays of Week 1

   After an NFL-record 442 TD passes with the 
  Packers, Brett Favre hurls a 58-yard bomb to 
  Jerricho Cotchery for his first with the 
   With their kicker out of the game with an injury, 
  Jets fans get their first good glimpse of Favre's on-the-field magic on this fourth-and-12 play for a TD. 
  Matt Ryan becomes the first quarterback since 2000 to throw for a touchdown on his first career pass attempt. 
   Michael Turner breaks through the 
  Lions defense for a 66-yard TD run that highlighted a 220-yard 
  Falcons debut for the runner known as "the Burner." 
   Roy Williams does his best to keep his 
  Lions in the game against the new-look 
  Falcons with this high-flying touchdown catch. 
  Ravens go to the old bag of tricks when Mark Clayton goes the distance on a double reverse, with a little help from rookie QB 
  Joe Flacco. 
   Seeing a 6-foot-6, 230-pound QB scrambling for a 38-yard TD is a surprise, but it wouldn't be if you saw 
   his combine performance six months ago. 
   Spectacular special teams play helped spark the 
  Bills' eye-opening rout of the 
  Seahawks, starting with this rousing return by Roscoe Parrish. 
  Nate Burleson produced the 
  Seahawks' only memorable play in Sunday's humbling loss to the 
  Bills, but then 
  left the game with an injury. 

Brian Moorman-to-Ryan Denney isn't exactly Jim Kelly-to- Andre Reed, but it contributed to the most points scored by the Bills in Week 1 since 1993.

Reggie Bush puts the Saints up for good with this 42-yard catch and run that ended with an acrobatic leap into the end zone.

   It was simply Philly's day, as Donovan McNabb hit Hank Baskett for a 90-yard touchdown score in a lopsided 38-3 win over the 
  Panthers cap an exciting back-and-forth tussle in San Diego with a last-second touchdown from Jake Delhomme to Dante Rosario. 

Matt Forte's first NFL touchdown comes on a 50-yard burst against the Colts en route to a 123-yard debut.

Charles Tillman strips the ball and Lance Briggs takes the fumble in for a touchdown against the Colts.

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