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Browns' Mike Pettine, Rams' Jeff Fisher among the coaches in hottest seat

With just over a third of the league boasting winning records through Week 13, there's been a lot of talk about which head coaches should be concerned about their jobs.

Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine has struggled all season to select a starting quarterback, and the team has felt the impact of it, posting a 2-10 record. In addition to Pettine, there's been questions surrounding whether or not Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, New York Giants Tom Coughlin or Rams Jeff Fisher, among others, will have their jobs at season's end.

With just four weeks remaining in the regular season, which NFL head coach is in the hottest seat?

Jeff Fisher is in hot water, but I wouldn't say his job is in jeopardy because the team is so young. This season, the Rams were expected to not just compete on the field, but to compete in record, as well as make a better push to get into the playoffs. They had a chance with the NFC appearing to be down -- meaning a .500 record might get you into the postseason. The Rams lost some close games, the quarterback play has been shaky and defensively, they've had some things not go well on a team that's led by the defense. The quarterback controversy in Cleveland has Mike Pettine in hot water. They keep riding the quarterback carousel -- having three different starters this season -- and haven't established anything permanent. I understand why Johnny Manziel has been in and out of the lineup with his off-the-field decisions, but on the field, he's gotten a lot better this season. The Saints just don't resemble who we thought they were. When an organization starts to slide as much as they have and the team becomes a former shell of what it once was, you start looking in the front office. If they only lost a few games by a few points this season, it's a different story and you try to get over the hump. But when the roller coaster of a season has such highs and lows where you get blown out, something has to change. I don't think this coach is in the hottest seat, but who should be is Jeff Fisher. This year, he has arguably one of the more talented rosters in football, particularly on the defensive side with a number of top picks. They're a team that's constantly hovering around .500 and at some point -- with this being Fisher's fourth season in St. Louis -- we need to see results. With the Rams, it's been they'll be good next year. Well, when is that year?

We can say they don't have a great quarterback, but Fisher traded for Nick Foles. At some point, it has to fall on Fisher to develop the talent that he's assembled to get him past this point. The Rams haven't been to the playoffs or seriously contended in the NFC West under him. I think this is a year where they look at him and ask, "Can he get it done or do we need to go in a different direction?" All season, Mike Pettine is hesitant to play Johnny Manziel, and it looks like the team has quit on him. The Browns have lost seven straight games, and some have been blowouts. I don't think that all of a sudden Johnny's punishment is ending. I think someone from higher up is telling Pettine to play Manziel. This is a four-game test for Johnny, Pettine and GM Ray Farmer. If Johnny looks good and wins a few games, it's on Pettine for holding him back and not playing him.

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