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Brett Favre on Peyton Manning: 'He'll figure it out'

Brett Favre has emerged from his Mississippian wilderness to talk a little football.

His playing days are done, but Favre hasn't forgotten how it feels to do what Peyton Manning must do Sunday night: Go to battle against your former team.

With Manning returning to Indianapolis to play the Colts as a Denver Bronco, Favre sat down with NFL Network's "NFL GameDay Morning" crew to guess at Peyton's mindset.

"I think there's an exciting anticipation, but there's probably quite a bit of nervousness," Favre said. "Not that he has to prove anything to anyone, but if he ever wanted to play well, it would be in a game like this."

Said Favre: "Not that he has to prove anything to Colts fans or the Colts organization ... and it's not really a stick it in your face (game). I think it's just a competitive nature that players like (Peyton) -- and I think myself -- you carry with you, no matter how long you play."

Favre himself marched into Lambeau Field to face the Green Bay Packers as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings in 2009. He acknowledged it was "by far the most nervous I've been in my career."

"Sixteen years, I often ... wondered what it was like as a visitor," Favre said. "And I never thought that I would ever take that walk out of the visitor's tunnel or make that ride up from Appleton into Green Bay as a visitor. ... and then I got that chance.

"I wanted to play as well as I'd ever played in my career," Favre said. "... And I was always like, each play that I had success at, the next play, I was like, 'Please don't fail. Can this game hurry up and get over with?' because I was just so worried that something negative would happen."

Asked to hand down some sage words to Manning, now in the same spot, Favre simply said: "He'll figure it out."

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