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Brady, Welker roll in high fashion at Kentucky Derby

While rookies league-wide toiled through minicamps this weekend, New England Patriots luminaries Tom Brady and Wes Welker ditched their playbooks to attend Saturday's 138th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

Brady was decked out in Tom Ford -- and, frankly, we have no idea what that means, except it sounds expensive. I asked ATL's Dan Hanzus for his thoughts on Welker's get-up: "He looks like a squirrely mid-level henchman from an early '90s Cinemax action thriller. The type of guy who gets easily dispatched during a third-act fight scene."


For Brady, this represents a promising upgrade from the Great Gatsby look of yesteryear. No hoodies within a thousand miles of this affair.

*Here is where Jets fans win: *We learned that Brady bolted the Derby with wife Gisele Bundchen to attend celebrity stylist Harry Josh's first annual "Hairball Party!" in Manhattan, per

Friends: A "Hairball Party," only slightly less troublesome than THIS visual horror.

As for Welker, the man rivals Charles Bukowski in his love of the track and might have used this as a scouting trip, considering he owns a minority share in a 2-year-old filly named Gypsy Robin.

The upshot: We can't wait for football to start.

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