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Andy Reid flying high; Browns still a factory of sadness

Welcome to the Around The League End Around, a weekly look back at the world of the NFL. ATL's Dan Hanzus serves as your guide.

It was a good week for ...

1. Donovan McNabb: The former Eagles quarterback wasn't booed during the halftime ceremony that retired his No. 5 on Thursday night. The fact that this ever was in question neatly sums up a.) McNabb's unique career and b.) the bizarre sociology of Philadelphia.

2. Philip Rivers: There once was a time when Rivers was being called a washed-up has-been. That roughly was 13 days ago. Now he's turning back the clock like it's the mid-2000s. Put on some Hoobastank, and let's get nostalgic!

(Tangentially related note: Did you know Hoobastank released a greatest hits album in 2009? How is this possible?)

3. Alan Williams: On the same glorious Wednesday, the Vikings' defensive coordinator learned that the Brownswould enter Sunday with Brian Hoyer at quarterback and Willis "The Giants Picked Brandon Jacobs Over Me" McGahee at running back. Williams can game plan between courses at Red Lobster on Saturday night.

It was a bad week for ...

1. Browns fans:Oh man.

2. Chip Kelly: Last week, in this very space, I wrote that Chip Kelly was one blowout win over the Chargers from earning Balboa status in Philly. There have been two grim losses since then. Is The Revolution already over?

3. All the Bucs:Heartbreaking defeats, a coach on the hot seat, a quarterback without a supporter and a franchise star already having second thoughts about coming to town. Other than that, things are great!

Tweet of the week

That trade, of course, was the Coltssending a first-round pick to the Browns for running back Trent Richardson. Covering the NFL is a lot more fun with Jim Irsay around. He's like the rollicking uncle who spices everything up at family parties. The man needs a reality show.

While we're on the topic of the T-Rich trade

Felt like the right time to bring this back. One of the best videos ... pretty much ever.

What the What?

Richard Shermandoesn't likeJim Harbaugh. They have heat going back to Stanford, and we're sure it made the Seahawks' dismantling of the 49ers on Sunday night even sweeter for the star cornerback.

But know this about Sherman: The guy values the spotlight more than any contemporary in the NFL. Case in point: After Sunday's win, he told NFL Media's Michelle Beisner that Harbaugh had blown him off after the game.

"I told him good job and good game. He didn't give me nothing back," he explained. "I guess sportsmanship doesn't go both ways."

Of course, if you watched the encounter when it aired live, you know Sherman tapped Harbaugh from behind, said something quickly, then immediately jogged in the opposite direction. By the time Harbaugh turned around, Sherman was long gone.

The point being, Harbaugh never had a chance to respond, rendering Sherman's criticism of his former coach's "sportsmanship" completely invalid. It's not enough for Sherman to be the best cornerback, he also wants to be the story. This is kind of annoying.

Hero of the Week

Andy Reid: You know it had to feel good to go back into Philadelphia and tame the Eagles' supposedly dynamic offense. This is one of the rare times we'll green light a Week 3 Gatorade shower.

Villain of the Week

Mother Nature: C'mon lady. Three weather stoppages in two weeks? You know humans don't do well with lightning. Stop with all the lightning. As a people, we're over lightning.

Read Option(al)

» "Yeah, But Can He Make It in the Pros?" -- Greg A. Bedard, TheMMQB

One thought: Tebow is a dinosaur. Johnny Manziel is football's new fascination. The difference, of course, is that Johnny Football might actually have a shot in the NFL.

Until next time ...

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