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2017 NFL Draft: Day 1 quick-snap grades for all 32 teams

Setting grades immediately after the draft has little to do with the long-term impact of the players. Instead, they examine the value of the pick in comparison to grades heading into the draft as well as whether the team met an anticipated short- or long-term need.

Why are these quick-snap grades important? When analyzing the success of this draft three or four years from now, there needs to be a snapshot of how the pick was received at the time.

If a player was considered a reach when picked, and he turns out, then the pick is given a huge grade. If a selection was lauded at the time, and a player doesn't become what was expected, then the grading of the pick should be less harsh.

There weren't many reaches in this draft, though. Most teams met a need with an excellent player, so the grades reflect that.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills
Draft picks:Tre'Davious White (No. 27 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: Instead of taking Patrick Mahomes as the quarterback of the future, they moved down 17 spots, allowing Kansas City to make the pick. They received a third-round pick this year and a future first-rounder for the move down. Buffalo selected a good corner in White with the 27th pick to take over for Stephon Gilmore, meeting a dire need. Well done.

Miami Dolphins
Draft picks:Charles Harris (No. 22 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny: Miami definitely needed to get younger in its pass rush, so seeing Harris on the board was a god-send. He'll need to improve against the rush to be an all-around player on the edge, but the pick will still be very good if he can make an impact attacking the quarterback sooner than later.

New England Patriots
Draft picks: None
Day 1 grade: C
The skinny:Brandin Cooks is as good of a player as any pick they'd find here. However, if they don't re-sign him to a long-term deal, then giving up a first-round pick was not a wise investment.

New York Jets
Draft picks:Jamal Adams (No. 6 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny:Jamal Adams is an excellent, hard-nosed stud who presents great leadership qualities. He was the best player available, and they made the right call.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens
Draft picks:Marlon Humphrey (No. 16 overall)
Day 1 grade: B+
The skinny: Ozzie Newsome once again went back to his old school, picking cornerback Marlon Humphrey. The corner's physical play and better-than-expected long speed locked up a mid-first-round pick.

Cincinnati Bengals
Draft picks:John Ross (No. 9 overall)
Day 1 grade: B
The skinny: Ross is a talented, extremely fast receiver (4.22 40), but given Ross' injury history, it's tough not to consider that when making him a top 10 pick. Nonetheless, adding Ross to play alongside A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert makes quarterback Andy Dalton smile.

Cleveland Browns
Draft picks:Myles Garrett (No. 1 overall), Jabrill Peppers (No. 25 overall), David Njoku (No. 29 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: Picking Myles Garrett as the difference-maker on defense made a world of sense. When looking at the second first-round pick, however, one has to remember that the Browns passed on Carson Wentz to grab the pick. Then, they got an excellent safety in Jabrill Peppers. He'll be a team leader for the Browns with the athleticism to handle nickel and safety. Then they moved back into the first round to land a playmaker, and they picked up a 2018 first-round pick in a trade. That's a great night for Browns fans.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Draft picks:T.J. Watt (No. 30 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: The fact that T.J. Watt was available for the Steelers was amazing. He's a war daddy, and Pittsburgh can play him inside or outside for years. This was one of those picks where everyone will wonder in four years how Watt dropped this far.

AFC South

Houston Texans
Draft picks:Deshaun Watson (No. 12 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny:Deshaun Watson was an excellent college quarterback, and the Texans are hoping he becomes a great NFL quarterback. I'm with Bill O'Brien on this one, even though Houston parted with a 2018 first-round pick in trade up to get him. With Houston's defense playing well, they needed a leader and playmaker to get the offense rolling.

Indianapolis Colts
Draft picks:Malik Hooker (No. 15 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: The Colts got the rangiest safety prospect since Earl Thomas. They got very good value at No. 15 at a major position of need. It's a big win for the Colts' defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Draft picks:Leonard Fournette (No. 4 overall)
Day 1 grade: B+
The skinny:Blake Bortles' development will be aided by Fournette's. Fournette's injury history is a bit worrisome, but the same was said about Adrian Peterson -- that turned out well. But will he be able to succeed like last year's No. 4 pick, Ezekiel Elliott, without a similarly talented offensive line?

Tennessee Titans
Draft picks:Corey Davis (No. 5 overall), Adoree' Jackson (No. 18 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny:Corey Davis is a really good player who deserved to be picked early. However, anytime you pick a player with an injury (Davis is coming off ankle surgery) at No. 5, there is a slight concern (thus the A-minus). Still, I expect he'll be a big-time receiver. Jackson has some work to do at cornerback, but he can learn and he's explosive as a returner.

AFC West

Denver Broncos
Draft picks:Garett Bolles (No. 20 overall)
Day 1 grade: C
The skinny:Garett Bolles is an athletic, tough-minded player. He's also an older prospect who has lived through a lot. Some teams have concerns about his ability to handle complex line adjustments. The team certainly needed a left tackle, but Ryan Ramczyk was also available here. It will be interesting to compare the careers of those two players.

Kansas City Chiefs
Draft picks:Patrick Mahomes (No. 10 overall)
Day 1 grade: B+
The skinny:Patrick Mahomes has all of the tools to be a great quarterback. Chiefs GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid saw Brett Favre in Green Bay, and they have to see some of that gunslinger attitude in Mahomes. There is a risk factor here given his penchant for throwing the ball anywhere and from any arm angle (which will turn into interceptions in the NFL), and they have up a future first-round pick to get him. But if anyone can get Mahomes to adjust and succeed, it's Reid.

Los Angeles Chargers
Draft picks:Mike Williams (No. 7 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny:Mike Williams is a physically dominating receiver who will make life easier for Philip Rivers. He has enough speed to make plays, as well. Keenan Allen's injury forced the team's hand, as well.

Oakland Raiders
Draft picks:Gareon Conley (No. 24 overall)
Day 1 grade: B+
The skinny: As long as Conley's off-field issues are cleared up, the Raiders got the long, agile, ballhawk they needed. If he gets in trouble, then GM Reggie McKenzie will have to answer for the pick.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys
Draft picks:Taco Charlton (No. 28 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny: Dallas had a choice between Charlton and T.J. Watt. Either could have fit their bill, and the need was certainly there. I had Watt with a higher grade, but Charlton's length and agility are impressive. He'll be a very good player for Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.

New York Giants
Draft picks:Evan Engram (No. 23 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny: Jerry Reese continued to add to Eli Manning's arsenal with tight end Evan Engram. He's a Jordan Reed clone who will make plays, but will he outshine another intriguing tight end, David Njoku? That will be the question going forward.

Philadelphia Eagles
Draft picks:Derek Barnett (No. 14 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: Even though the Eagles gave up their 2017 first-rounder for quarterback Carson Wentz, they were a beneficiary of Minnesota's need for a quarterback, as they got back into the first round by trading Sam Bradford last eyar. The way Wentz played this year showed they didn't really miss Bradford. They got the second-best pure edge rusher in the draft in Barnett at No. 14.

Washington Redskins
Draft picks:Jonathan Allen (No. 17 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: Allen's shoulders might be an issue six or seven years from now, but the Redskins needed a big-time talent up front right now. Excellent value.

NFC North

Chicago Bears
Draft picks:Mitchell Trubisky (No. 2 overall)
Day 1 grade: C
The skinny: The Bears weren't satisfied with Mike Glennon as their quarterback of the future, so they picked up Mitchell Trubisky. They gave up a 2017 third- and fourth-rounder, and a 2018 third-round pick to get him. That's not terrible in terms of what other teams have given up to get their quarterback of the future; other teams have given up first-round picks to pick their guy. They had to move up one spot to get him, though, because other teams were looking at that pick -- or at least that's what San Francisco told them.

Detroit Lions
Draft picks:Jarrad Davis (No. 21 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: The Lions were desperate for an upgrade at linebacker, and they got a very good one in Davis. His athleticism and toughness are evident. If he can stay healthy and be an instinctive leader in the middle, Detroit is set at the position for a while.

Green Bay Packers
Draft picks: None
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: The Browns presented excellent value in a trade out of the first round, so the Packers took it. They received the top pick of the second round, along with the top pick of the fourth round. That's two premium picks -- and they should get great trade offers for the second-rounder.

Minnesota Vikings
Draft picks: None
Day 1 grade: C
The skinny: The Vikings traded their 2017 first-rounder for Sam Bradford last year. He didn't turn out to be a great player, but he was a solid pickup considering the situation the team was in after Teddy Bridgewater's injury.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons
Draft picks:Takkarist McKinley (No. 26 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny: McKinley and Vic Beasley will make it difficult for Tom Brady (or anyone else) to pick apart the Falcons' defense in the second half as he did in the Super Bowl. They chose to given up a third-round pick to move up for him, but it's hard to blame them with the Cowboys, Steelers, and Packers ahead of them -- they were all looking for edge guys.

Carolina Panthers
Draft picks:Christian McCaffrey (No. 8 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny:Christian McCaffrey is a great football player, not just a great receiver or running back. The Panthers got their guy and didn't have to move up to get him.

New Orleans Saints
Draft picks:Marshon Lattimore (No. 11 overall), Ryan Ramczyk (No. 32 overall)
Day 1 grade: A-
The skinny: Sean Payton could afford to give up receiver Brandin Cooks because of the play of Willie Snead and 2016 second-round steal Michael Thomas. Lattimore is the best cover man in the draft, and a no-brainer at No. 11. Then, instead of continuing to bolster the defense with, they improved the offensive line by picking up-and-coming left tackle Ryan Ramczyk. But should they have picked defensive end Jordan Willis? Maybe linebacker Raekwon McMillan from Ohio State? It will be interesting to see how they continue to build talent on that side of the ball.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Draft picks:O.J. Howard (No. 19 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: The fact that O.J. Howard was on the board for the Buccaneers was ridiculous. He's a future Pro Bowler, and will make life much easier for quarterback Jameis Winston as a great safety valve. He and Cameron Brate will be a tough duo.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals
Draft picks:Haason Reddick (No. 13 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny:Haason Reddick is a very good linebacker and gives the Cardinals an infusion of youth at a position where they needed it. With the top receivers off the board, the Cardinals chose the best player available. Reddick can also be an effective pass rusher from outside or on inside blitzes.

Los Angeles Rams
Draft picks: None
Day 1 grade: C
The skinny: It is unfortunate quarterback Jared Goff, for whom the Rams traded their first-round pick, wasn't able to show more in his rookie season, but it is too early to project his impact with the franchise.

San Francisco 49ers
Draft picks:Solomon Thomas (No. 3 overall), Reuben Foster (No. 31 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: The 49ers got their guy at No. 3, and picked up two thirds (one future) and a fourth in the process. That's a big win. They picked the second-best player in the draft in Solomon Thomas. Then Reuben Foster was sitting there just waiting for someone to grab him, so they traded a fourth-round pick to Seattle to get him. If Foster's shoulder is OK, he'll be another Patrick Willis in the middle.

Seattle Seahawks
Draft picks: None
Day 1 grade: A
The skinny: Like Green Bay, Seattle made a great trade to move out of the first round. Sure, they lost they chance at a fifth-year option on a player by taking the deal but that's OK. They're not looking to lock up a quarterback, so they'll make do.

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