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COVID-19: Protocols for Reopening Club Facilities

Beginning May 19, the NFL took an important step forward in its phased approach for reopening club facilities for a limited number of non-player personnel. Clubs can reopen their facilities if they are permitted to do so based on state and local regulations, are in compliance with any additional public health requirements in their jurisdiction, and have implemented the league protocols.

The club facility reopening protocol calls for a series of criteria to be met before reopening. For each club, these include implementing operational guidelines, acquiring adequate amounts of protective supplies, creating an Infection Response Team, designating an Infection Control Officer, and ensuring each returning club employee completes COVID-19 safety and hygiene training.

As part of the employee safety and hygiene training, NFL Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Sills provided to clubs a video and the following educational materials developed by the CDC. All employees are required to review this information prior to returning to the facility. View the video above and download the posters at the links below: