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Submission Guidelines

Proposals are to be submitted via Duke's MyResearchProposal online submission system. Follow these instructions to submit your proposal:

(a) Click on "Create New Account" (or log in if already have an account). Proposals must be submitted under the Primary Contact's name.

(b) Review the step-by-step user's guide for applying via the MyResearchProposal software, which is available in this document.

(c) Enter Access Code "NFL" then select the "HeadHealthTECHC6" funding opportunity and follow the instructions.

(d) For those wishing to submit NONCONFIDENTIAL materials for guidance and advice, please send questions to HeadHealthTECH@duke.edu.

(e) Proposal entered via MyResearchProposal software to include biosketches, budget, 5 page technical description and 4 page supplemental data description (optional).

Please address program questions to HeadHealthTECH@duke.edu.

If you are having trouble accessing the system, please send an email to: MyResearchProposal@duke.edu.