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Young impersonator takes convincing act to D.C.-area jail cell

Attention aspiring Mike Kafka impersonators lurking in the shadows: Taking the identity of backup Eagles quarterbacks is harmful to your freedom.

Just ask Stefon Pittman, who was arrested by D.C.-area police Friday afternoon on felony fraud charges for impersonating Vince Young, according to NBC Washington.

As you might recall, Pittman had been trolling around Washington telling anyone who would listen to him/sleep with him/give him money that he was Young, the NFL franchise QB-turned-clipboard holder.

"There's a guy in D.C. running around saying he's me," Young said Monday. "Keep watch out for this guy because he's not me. He's out there impersonating me. He's been taking money, taking pictures with kids at hospitals. It's real sick."

Sick indeed, although the visiting kids at hospitals thing doesn't seem so bad. That said, we'd be pretty angry if a convicted felon stole our identity and made money off it.

NBC Washington reported the case dates to at least spring, when Young filed a complaint in Houston saying a man was using his name for financial gain in D.C. and Maryland. 

Pittman made several appearances in the past week or so, collecting money he said was going to the Vince Young Foundation, the QB's non-profit organization.

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