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Wright riles up Chargers fans with '#LosAngelesChargers' tweet

A poorly conceived tweet about Los Angeles' renovated downtown section turned massively ugly for Chargers cornerback Shareece Wright on Monday.

"Downtown LA looking nice. Wait till that football stadium gets built," Wright wrote, before capping his post with a radioactive hash tag of doom -- #LosAngelesChargers -- that instantly riled up a fan base that's heard one too many theories about their beloved franchise's future.

Wright's commentary came after watching scenes of the city on TV, U-T San Diego reported. He spent the rest of Monday responding to an army of tweaked Chargers fans and later deleted his Twitter account.

"I guess it's safe to say that people care," Wright wrote, after gaining thousands of new followers, many of them simmering below the surface at the thought of Los Angeles ripping away their team.

Coming off a rookie season in which he notched just four tackles, Wright (out of USC) emphasized that he wasn't making a push for migration north. In his mind, he's just a cog in a vast machine operating beyond his control -- but he's learned Chargers fans aren't apathetic.

Nor should they be. If moving an NFL franchise two hours north is viewed as harmonic by some, it never will be celebrated by a fan base that's associated the Chargers with San Diego since 1961, when the team strolled into town following its inaugural 1960 campaign, in L.A. of all places.

As they say, you can't go home again.

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