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Worker who egged New Orleans Saints' bus quits job

People of the Atlanta metro area can unlock their doors: The egg tosser has been caught.

(Actually, go ahead and keep those doors locked.)

The person suspected of throwing eggs at the New Orleans Saints' charter bus last Wednesday has quit their restaurant job at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

An airport spokesman said the worker's employee security badge has been deactivated, revoking all access to the airport. The culprit has hurled their last poultry product on airport grounds.

The spokesman wouldn't name the egger or the company he worked for, but he said the company will be fined. The Department of Aviation now has closed its investigation.

The worker reportedly hit the Saints' team bus with three or four eggs from the tarmac the evening before the Atlanta Falcons' 23-13 win Thursday night.

NFL Network's Alex Flanagan gave a sideline report detailing the incident shortly before kickoff last Thursday. This led to roughly 6,000 egg puns on Twitter. It was annoying.

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