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Woody Johnson: 'I'm very confident in Rex Ryan'

Woody Johnson watched his New York Jets toil through an ugly preseason, but he's not ready to push the panic button just yet.

Asked to comment on the future of coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets owner preferred to say nothing.

Rings a little ominous, but it's not. Johnson makes a practice of not discussing the fate of coaches or players under contract. Besides, the man is taking a glass-half-full approach to this young season.

"I'm very optimistic," Johnson told The Star-Ledger during Thursday's practice. "I'm confident in this organization and this group of young players and experienced players for getting the job done."

Pressed specifically about the pressure surrounding Ryan -- who oversaw a sputtering 8-8 team in 2011 -- Johnson refused to paint the picture of a man destined to scan want ads come January.

"In terms of my confidence in him, I'm very confident in Rex Ryan," Johnson said. "You just have to look at the body of work. It's unparalleled in our history, what he's accomplished."

Somewhere Weeb Ewbank is rolling is his grave, while the rest of the 1968 Jets ponder that statement from Johnson -- but we like the confidence. We irritated most of Long Island and a generous portion of the five boroughs by suggesting Ryan could be in hot water with another chaotic campaign. Johnson, for now, sees only sunshine.

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