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Woodson openly discusses Packers' quest for perfection

When it comes to professional athletes and the media, popular belief is that it's better to be bland than bold. Nobody ever ended up on another team's bulletin board for saying they're taking it one game at a time.

Charles Woodson is an outlier when it comes to this line of thinking. The Packers cornerback has been outspoken throughout his career, and at age 35, he's not about to bite his tongue now. So when the topic of the 8-0 Packers possibly running the table came up this week, Woodson didn't run from it.

"We can talk about it," a smiling Woodson said Sunday after a 45-38 victory at San Diego, according to Yahoo! Sports. "I don't care. We're 8-0. We'd love to be 16-0 -- love to. It's a realistic conversation now. We're halfway there. So yeah, let's talk about it."

Anybody else just feel that breath of fresh air?

"I'd love to go undefeated," Woodson said. "I'd absolutely love to. Not just the regular season -- the whole thing."

Woodson was asked if going 19-0 is something he's discussed with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

"Yeah, at times," Woodson said. "We know what we want."

This shouldn't come as a surprise, of course. It'd be shocking if the Packershaven't internally discussed the possibility of achieving NFL immortality this season. What's impressive is that Woodson is so open about what's usually an internal team goal.

Much like your crusty grandfather who refuses to be censored, Woodson has been around way too long to care what other people think.

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