With Goodell done, who's next on Saturday's hang-out list?

We've all played the game where you pick celebrity guests for a fictional dinner party. So we put it to Colts center Jeff Saturday, who recently had a beer with Commissioner Roger Goodell: Who would he like to hang out with for an evening?

Considered: Charlie Sheen (way too much fun) and Quentin Tarantino (maybe when he was 20).

Ultimately, he got his list down to these six:

6. Jon Stewart

Saturday: "He's hip, he's funny. Who would not like to spend an evening with the host of 'The Daily Show'?"

5. Jim Breuer

Saturday initially considered the entire cast of "Saturday Night Live," but, hey, that would be well more than six. He settled on Breuer. "I saw him do stand-up in Florida. He was a funny dude. I didn't expect what I got. He was a great show. Ten seconds into Goat Boy, and it was on."

4. Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is a Christian rock band. "But don't let that fool you," said Saturday. "These guys put on a rock show. It's not namby-pamby. They are bringing it. I would like to go on a three-day tour with these guys."

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Saturday wanted to put down an interesting actor. Rob Lowe was suggested, but he already knows him because the former Brat Packer and Colts owner Jim Irsay are friends. But DiCaprio is a good choice. "He seems really cool," Saturday said. "I appreciate that he does different roles and does something out of the ordinary. Him and Johnny Depp are great at that. But Leonardo would be awesome."

2. Cast of 'Modern Family'

All right, he was going to sneak in a cast list somewhere, and why not the cast of this hit TV show? Saturday said that "Modern Family" was his favorite show, which makes the choice easy. "I would like to go watch them tape one of their shows," he added, "and then go hang out with them."

1. President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama

"I would love to get these two guys away from each other and just kick back and talk politics," Saturday said. "Just those two guys, nobody else." And how about talking a little sports, too, seeing that they have you for a night also. "Absolutely," Saturday said. "We can talk politics and sports."

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