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With Candlestick ready, Mayor Lee predicts doom for Saints

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has jumped aboard the trash-talk express in the days before Saturday's NFC divisional playoff matchup between the 49ers and Saints.

Lee and city officials caught heat when Candlestick Park was hit with a series of blackouts during the 49ers' Monday-night win over the Steelers last month. The darkened stadium presented an eerie scene, one that Lee and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. hopped on immediately to diagnose. 

PG&E and city agencies confirmed Wednesday that after upgrades and multiple tests, the stadium lighting is ready, soliciting this gem from the mayor:

"I think the only 'lights out' at Candlestick this Saturday will be our 49ers shutting down the New Orleans Saints!" Lee said in a statement obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is on the record as saying, "Honey badger don't care about no lights," and stadium electricity is something he'll leave to Lee and his minions. Harbaugh's challenge is the Saints and Drew Brees, with the knowledge that one of these two teams will dim the bulbs once and for all on Saturday afternoon.

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