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Winless Colts should ask, 'What would Marsellus do?'

The most compelling story arc in "Pulp Fiction" is between Marsellus and Butch, the latter being forced to throw a fight. My favorite scene is when Marsellus is giving Butch some last-minute advice on what to do if he ever feels the desire to actually compete.

"The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting." Marsellus says. "That's pride (expletive) with you. (Expletive) pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."

Some of our teams in the alternative rankings could stand to take that advice. And I'm looking at you, Reggie Bush.

Which team tops this week's rankings? You're just moments away from finding out. Or you could skip straight to No. 1 right now, but what's the fun in that?

Also receiving votes: Denver Broncos (3-5).

Dropped out:Dallas Cowboys (4-4), Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6).

And without further ado ...




Little know fact: Pete Carroll has written an addendum to his book, "Win Forever," under the title, "Win Forever until you start Tarvaris Jackson." The Seahawks are flying under the radar for a top-six pick. What's interesting is whether or not the Seahawks would prefer to be a little behind the pack to be in line for a quarterback whom Carroll already has coached in the college ranks. Up next: vs. Baltimore




The Redskins started the season 3-1, but now Mike Shanahan has made a number of baffling decisions that closely resemble that famed "Seinfeld" episode in which George Costanza was doing everything in his power to get fired from his gig with the New York Yankees. At what point does Shanahan streak FedEx Field in a body suit, or if nothing else, drive around Redskins Park's parking lot with a Lombardi Trophy tied to his bumper? Up next: at Miami




Well, this is typical of Bush, who's not only content with ruining one football franchise (USC) but might have set the Dolphins back another decade in their pursuit of a quarterback to replace Dan Marino by actually having a stellar game against the Chiefs. You think he would have learned his lesson after nearly being upset by the Giants a week ago. Seriously, now he decides to be healthy and try? Up next: vs. Washington




The Cardinals were mere moments away from securing the No. 2 spot this week, but fate intervened or -- more likely -- St. Louis exhibited just how bad it truly is. Patrick Peterson made a Cardinal-like move by fielding a punt on the 1-yard line, but -- and this never happens to Arizona -- he actually turned a negative into a positive. That hasn't happened since Matt Leinart broke his collarbone, which eventually led to the Cardinals' Super Bowl run. But like the bogus BCS, Arizona doesn't fall in the polls despite losing. Up next: at Philadelphia



ST. LOUIS (1-7)

Many believed St. Louis was through the easy part of its schedule, and that things would fall apart in the race for No. 1 by visiting the lowly Cardinals. But St. Louis showed why it's an annual contender for the top spot. The football club has finished with three or fewer wins four times since 2007. But it's going to need an even bigger effort this year to take the top spot. Don't count this team out, though. There's a real commitment to the draft, as evidenced by Peterson's punt return Sunday. Up next: at Cleveland




Folks, can anybody challenge the Colts this season? The team seemingly has put pride in the rearview mirror and already is looking ahead to the 2012 NFL Draft. The club clearly exhibited that commitment Monday when it announced that Curtis Painter will continue as its starting quarterback. Somebody is playing for keeps. Up next: vs. Jacksonville

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