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Winding down at the 2012 NFL draft

NEW YORK -- The final day of the NFL draft is a completely different animal than the first two days.

The red carpet has been rolled up, and the media largely has hit the bricks. The player's green room is a distant memory, broken down and gone like it never existed. Roger Goodell (probably) is still in the house, but the time for well-tailored man embraces is through.

All that's left are compensatory picks. Thousands and thousands of compensatory picks. My God ... there are ... so many.

So yes, the buzz is decidedly lacking at Radio City. When you go from Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins, No. 2) to Baylor guard Robert T. Griffin (New York Jets, No. 203), I suppose it makes sense why people aren't wearing ties anymore.

Still, there's a decent crowd of die-hard fans in the house, which kind of amazes me. Discounting the two guys deep in REM sleep on the mezzanine level, I'd say fans were marginally engaged by the fourth and fifth rounds of the draft. Indifference took over by the sixth.

But the fans' top priority on this day seems to be booing stuff. Boo at everyone and everything. An image of Mark Sanchez's autographed mini-helmet? Boo. The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders? Hiss! A little boy announcing a New England Patriots draft pick? The devil!

I'm going to take another lap around this charming old place. If Mrs. Irrelevant is in the building, I will find her. This is my solemn promise to you, readers who take special interest in curly-haired demon temptresses.

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