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Willie Young regrets taunting Tom Brady in Lions' rout

The Detroit Lions illustrated the positives and negatives of a defense playing on edge in Thursday night's 40-9 thumping of the New England Patriots.

The most poignant incident from the Lions' out-of-control side occurred when defensive end Willie Youngreceived a personal-foul penalty for taunting Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Young grabbed Brady after an incomplete pass and stuck his finger in his face.

Young acknowledged Saturday that his mistake led to his benching by Lions coach Jim Schwartz, but he wouldn't go as far as to reveal what was said during the exchange.

"I just can't do things to hurt the team," Young said, per "And right now, I'm moving on to Buffalo (in the preseason finale). What I said stays between the lines."

Young said he met Brady on the field after the game but declined to divulge what he told the quarterback.

"Tom Brady, got much respect for him," Young said. "Go ask Brady what I said."

Detroit's defensive front-four will be the keystone to the team's success or failure this season. Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley play with ferocity and can manhandle many of the shaky offensive lines they'll face.

However, giving up 15 yards on foolish personal-foul penalties will undercut any positive havoc they create.

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