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Will Wes Welker 'stick it' to New England Patriots?

The reports on wide receiver Wes Welker's relationship with the New England Patriots have been so varied that it's hard to know what to believe. One national report last week suggested that Welker still harbors "mild disdain" for the team because of his demotion behind Julian Edelman entering last season.

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A Miami Dolphins source with an "affinity" for Welker certainly believes that's the case. If the ice doesn't thaw in New England soon, the source tells the Miami Herald, Welker would like nothing better than "to stick it to the Patriots" for not paying him what he's worth.

Dolphins coaches reportedly "weren't thrilled" that a back injury kept Davone Bess out of the last three games of the 2012 season. That might help explain their interest inBrandon Gibson, as well as a passing glance at Welker.

Beyond the minor detail of returning to the team that traded him to New England, though, it's hard to see how Welker's arrival in Miami would stick in the Patriots' craw.

The Dolphins have managed one winning season in the last seven years. If Welker truly wanted to make the Patriots pay, he'd make a beeline for the Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos or Houston Texans.

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